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Finally! The perfect BUSINESS COACHING

and business growth TRAINING program for busy entrepreneurs
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Power Biz Academy is a comprehensive one year program offering you weekly business coaching calls where you, along with a small group of other like minded entrepreneurs, can receive critical feedback and coaching in all areas of your BUSINESS ON TOPICS like marketing, lead generation, sales, time management, hiring, developing managers and more.



You also receive invaluable, step-by-step, short video training every week delivering on the most effective strategies to help you attract a flood of new clients, hire the right people and develop success systems, so you can build a THRIVING, freedom business that will continue to grow almost on autopilot!


Best of all, you can learn and network with

other entrepreneurs on a similar path:

  • SBO Group – established small business owners with employees. Business types include B2B, B2C, brick and mortar businesses, trade businesses, retail stores and more.
  • Solopreneur Group – Solo entrepreneurs like coaches, consultants, advisors, realtors, designers, therapists, home-based business owners, self-employed professionals, freelancers and more.
  • Start Up Group – members are in the planning process of starting a new business and/or in thei first year of business.

“I have doubled my business in the first 6 months working with Yoon!”

“There are always many challenges in running a business. My weekly calls with Yoon have been the aspirin for my headache. I get more energized from our business coaching calls than my double latte and morning workout combined!”

Jack Wilson, Owner at Liquid Capital


“Working with Yoon helped me to close an additional $200,000 in annual business!”

Joe Veneziale, Sales Manager


“Yoon helped me to attract MORE clients and BETTER clients!”

“My training and expertise was never in marketing, so being in Yoon’s coaching progra has been hugely beneficial to me! I feel so much more confident in growing my business! Yoon has helped me make smart changes that have resulted innot only attracting more new clients, but also attracting better clients. Thanks Yoon!”

Donna Varkonyi
Owner of Promotional Products
and Embroidery Business

“I’ve been able to grow my business while spending more time with my family!”

“Yoon offers practical guidance. She is also a mentor to me, someone whom I trust pertaining to her business acumen as well as her personal sense of values and ethics.”

James Gaumond,
President, Franklin Development Corp.

“Great sound business advice without judgment!”

Dr. Michael Kaye,
The Rehab Group


Here’s everything you get as a

Power Up Member


Weekly business coaching calls

each week you will be able to get on a phone call with your business coach (me) along with a small group of similar level members, so you can ask questions, receive invaluable feedback, advice, coaching, support and guidance.


Weekly business growth training videos

each week you’ll receive step-by-step training videos on topics like marketing, sales, time management, hiring, developing your team, developing success systems and more.


Audio versions of each training video

you can also listen to each week’s training the car or on the treadmill with the audio version downloads.


Recordings of each weekly call to review

you can also listen to each week’s training content on the go, so you can listen while in the car or on the treadmill with the audio version downloads.


Action checklists you can do in just 30-minutes a day

each training video ends with a simple, targeted to-do list to help you focus on implementing the key action steps covered in the training video and audio.


Done-for-you templates and time saving tools

you and your team can hit the ground running even faster using the done-for-you templates and time saving tools. I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. You can simple plug and play.


Monthly progress report check up’s for greater accountability

this is a great, added accountability to help you see what actions you have taken each month and the results you’ve achieved..


Networking and camaraderie with like minded entrepreneurs

each group in the Power Up coaching program has private members only online forums for you to meet and network with like- minded entrepreneurs. Past members have cultivated valuable friendships, profitable joint ventures and ongoing referral partnerships.


Success mindset tips

throughout the year you’ll also be receiving special calls and audios to help you win over things like worry, fear, doubt and anxiety in your business.


Access to me for an entire year!

you can have confidence and peace of mind knowing you’ll have access to me and my 22 years experience as a seasoned entrepreneur for an entire year.



“Great support, accountability and results! FIVE STARS for Yoon Cannon!”

Being new in the consulting field, I was stuck in my small business start-up. Yoon Cannon was the fresh pair of eyes, sounding board and support I needed to see what needed to be done and get moving–fast. She helped me helped me focus, plan and prioritize, and get things done. Her real-world business experience in sales and marketing was a huge benefit, since I had a government background.

Her coaching style was a relaxed conversation, and by asking powerful questions, she tapped into the answers within me. saved me from making costly mistakes!“

Laura Tyson, Consultant

Michael Eisenberg, Esquire


“As an attorney running a busy law firm practice I am pulled in many directions. Yoon has helped me focus that direction with her invaluable strategic planning help. Her guidance covered all aspects of planning for our firm’s continued growth from marketing strategies, to business planning, to client referral development strategies and more.

What sold me on Yoon is her direct, no-nonsense approach, knowledge of how a small firm operates and commitment to her clients and members. I have the highest level of confidence that you would also benefit greatly from working with Yoon Cannon!”

Power Up weekly training content covers the following topics (and more)

“Overcame the hurdle of getting our message out and reaching the right people!”“In my line of work the biggest challenge is getting our message out and reaching the right people. Yoon Cannon gave us great, focused direction to help us meet that challenge. Plus, the depth of Yoon’s business experience added a key difference to our training and coaching calls.”

Russ Bragg, Wealth Strategist


“I’m now attracting the right clients!”“I was looking for a more effective way to attract more customers and Yoon’s coaching program has been the catalyst that has given me momentum and strategies to do just that.

From Yoon’s expert coaching, I have a greater understanding of my own business offerings and how to attract the right clients. I also have a clearer vision of my business’ direction and pathway to accomplish the business development goals that I have established from her guidance.”

Esther Hughes, Book & Speaker Coach


WHAT’S THE Investment?

Weekly Coaching Calls (small group)
Weekly Training Videos
Audio Downloads of Each Training
Audio Downloads of Each Training
Weekly Action Checklists
Done-for-You Templates and Tools
Monthly Progress Reports
Networking & Camaraderie with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs in Online Forums
Success Mindset Calls and Audios
Access to Yoon Cannon for an Entire Year
$ 1,600
$ 1,200
$ 1,000
$ 400
$ 197
$ 197
$ 97
$ 97
$ 47

Total Value of Power Up One-Year Program

Your Monthly Investment

Or Save $357 with a Full Pay



Frequently Asked QUESTIONS


Q: I am not a techie when it comes to using the computer. Can I still succeed with this program?

ANSWER:YES! This program was designed for non-techies. If you know how to check your emails, you’ll be able to succeed with this program! Each week you’ll receive an email that contains your training and a reminder of the phone number to call to join the weekly coaching calls. In addition to video training content, you also receive many step-by-step video tutorials walking you through whatever you need.

Q: What if some of the training modules don’t seem to apply to me?


During the weekly coaching calls you’ll discover how to adapt many of the strategies for your specific type of business. As we go through the year together you’ll become more and more clear how each training module can benefit your business. Plus! You’ll receive new training modules developed especially for you based on the new goals and challenges discussed on the coaching calls.

Q: I don’t have much time to execute the marketing. Would this program still benefit me?


Absolutely! Success won’t happen without someone who executes, but that person does not have to be you. We offer two add on options for entrepreneurs with limited or no time to get your marketing done. One program is where we train your marketing assistant for you. The other program is where you can utilize our partners for individual done-for-you services.

But, the CRITICAL thing is as the business owner YOU need to understand how to create your marketing and sales success system in your business. For additional information about these add on options please email: Support@PowerBizTraining.com

Q: I am so busy running my business I have no interest in learning all this marketing stuff.


This program is not right for you then. Power Up was created for the business owners who are willing to take new action to grow their business. Remember the famous quote, “if you keep doing what you’re doing; you’ll keep getting the same results. If you want different results, you’ve got to DO something different.”

Q: How can I test to see if the Power Up Biz Training program is a good fit for me?


Try the program out first then you can decide whether it’s the right fit for you. Click below and watch the sample video training. Then click on the audio buttons to listen to a sample weekly coaching call.


PLUS! Try It Out for Free



No Risk, Iron Clad 30-Day Money Back GUARANTEE!


Remember, there’s no risk to enroll. You are backed by our iron clad 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Try the program for a full 30-days. If it’s not the perfect fit for you just send us an email for a full refund. Simply submit all of your completed homework assignments to demonstrate you implemented the module assignments each week. .It’s that easy to simply try it out!


“Landed a $90,000 consulting contract!” “In just the first few months of starting Yoon’s coaching program I implemented one of the strategies I learned in our training. It resulted in a first time ever $90,000 consulting contract for my company! Yoon’s coaching program is the best investment I have ever made!”

Dr. Kennedy Ononaeke

“Yoon’s weekly coaching calls helped me accomplish so much more!” “Yoon’s feedback, sounding board and advice during our weekly phone calls has helped me accomplish so much more while keeping me on the right track towards achieving my goals.

Yoon’s strategic insights and direction have provided the guided road map that I was looking for to help my company enter new markets and increase our business growth.”

John Stewart, Owner, Software Development Industry

“After only a few months we have already improved our monthly revenue!” After only a few months of working with Yoon in her one-year coaching program so far, she has helped my company to target our markets better and a much better focus on planning. We have also become more disciplined at scheduling and recording our work better all of which has all helped to improve our monthly revenue.”

Chris Connard, President

“I have systematized by business!” “With Yoon’s help I have now finally systematized my organization for strategic growth! Yoon Cannon is patient, knowledgeable and cares about me obtaining the results I am looking for. I need to be accountable for what I am working on and Yoon keeps me on my toes and has helped me to keep moving my business forward.”

Renee Rawcliffe, Owner


ACCELERATE your business to the next level!

TRANSFORM your sales success!

THRIVE in a freedom business you love!